New education Policy 2023 in India

The Indian government just adopted the New National Education Policy for 2023.

​​The 10+2 structure is replaced by a 5+3+3+4 model.

Children will spend five years in the Foundational stage, 3 years in the Preparatory stage, 3 years in the Middle stage, and 4 years in the Secondary stage, according to the new school education system outlined in NEP 2020.

The CBSE Board has adopted the NCF-FS 2022 and the new structure of five year education at the Foundational Stage (From Class Balvatika(Pre School) to Class II) will be introduced in the session 2023-24

In February 2023, the Union Union Education Ministry had once again reiterated and directed all States and Union Territories to make 6 years minimum age for class I admission.

Students are permitted to take the Board Examinations twice. Instead of 1.7%, the government will spend 6% of the country's GDP on education.