Hanuman Box Office Collection Day 2 & 1

Prashant Verma, the acclaimed director, has once again left a significant mark in the film industry with his latest release, ‘Hanuman.’ Despite facing tough competition from big-budget films and a plethora of renowned stars, the movie has managed to secure a remarkable opening on its first day. This article dives into the details of the film’s success, its storyline, and the hanuman box office collection day 2.

hanuman box office collection day 2

The Epic Tale Unveiled

Released nationwide on January 12, ‘Hanuman’ revolves around the mythical village of Anjanadri, famous as the birthplace of Hanuman. Although the village is a creation of fiction, the narrative takes an intriguing turn when a young boy discovers the Rudramani, crafted from the blood of Hanuman during his battle with Indra’s Vajra. Prashant Verma has beautifully woven a captivating relationship between the modern world and this ancient gem, earning praise from those who have witnessed the film.

Hanuman Box Office Collection Day 1

In an impressive start, ‘Hanuman’ amassed approximately INR 7.50 crores at the box office, combining earnings from various languages. Considering the movie’s budget of INR 25 crores, the film not only garnered widespread attention but also surpassed the crucial benchmark of earning more than 20% of its production cost on the first day – a testament to its success.

Hanuman Box Office Collection Day 2

As the weekend unfolds, ‘Hanuman’ continues its triumphant journey at the box office. The film secured an early collection of INR 4.7 crores on the second day, showcasing its sustained popularity among the audience. With a total collection of INR 15.85 crores by the end of day two, ‘Hanuman’ stands as a testament to Prashant Verma’s directorial prowess and the audience’s appreciation for a unique cinematic experience.

Competing Amidst Titans

‘Hanuman’ faced formidable competition on its release day, sharing the cinematic space with Vijay Sethupathi and Katerina Kaif’s ‘Meri Christmas,’ Mahesh Babu’s ‘Guntur Karam,’ and Venkatesh’s ‘Saindhav.’ The film’s ability to secure an impressive collection amidst such intense competition reflects its compelling storyline and the audience’s enthusiasm.

Prashant Verma’s Cinematic Universe

Prashant Verma, the visionary director, shared insights into the making of ‘Hanuman,’ highlighting the extraordinary work of young talents in Hyderabad responsible for the film’s stunning computer imaging graphics and special effects. As the first installment in Prashant Verma’s Cinematic Universe, ‘Hanuman’ paves the way for its sequel, ‘Jay Hanuman,’ leaving audiences eagerly anticipating the next chapter.

Future Prospects

With positive word-of-mouth and an increasing collection, ‘Hanuman’ is poised for even greater success in the coming days. The advanced bookings and the film’s release on Saturday, Sunday, and the auspicious occasion of Makar Sankranti further contribute to the optimistic outlook. The film’s success amid the release of two major Hollywood productions also signifies its broad appeal and acceptance.

Trailer Anticipation and Star Cast

Building anticipation since the release of its trailer on December 19, ‘Hanuman’ promises an epic saga portraying the journey of an ordinary man gaining supernatural powers and facing a formidable adversary. Teja Sajja, Amrita Ayyar, and Varalakshmi Sharathkumar deliver impactful performances in key roles, supported by Vinay Rai and Raj Deepak Shetty.


In conclusion, ‘Hanuman’ emerges as a cinematic triumph, captivating audiences with its wonderful tale and stellar performances. Prashant Verma’s direction, coupled with the efforts of the talented cast and crew, has resulted in a film that not only stands out in the competitive landscape but also resonates with viewers across the nation. As the box office numbers continue to climb, ‘Hanuman’ solidifies its position as a must-watch film, promising entertainment, mythology, and a unique cinematic experience.

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